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Forums Removed10.30.16
The forums became a source of an endless spam fight and was just too much for me to manage in my spare time. Thanks for all the fun, the WT community is the best! -RIP Forums.

That was fun. We were hacked!11.04.13
Sorry about the outage, we got hacked by some hackers. Seems like there aren't enough automated spam factories out there so they tried to make my server one as well. Funtimes! Normal service should be returned.

Fear not - despite rumors you may or may not have heard, the MT4 is NOT being discontinued.05.29.12
LaTuFu in the forums just spoke with a representative of Thunder Tiger USA about rumors that the MT4 has been discontinued, and was told The MT4 isn't going anywhere. He was told that the MT4 is a huge seller right now, and that Thunder Tiger is upgrading the radio system in the RTR kit, so it will be getting a completely new part number. That is why some shops are seeing that they are not able to order the old part number. So don't freak out; the truck will be on shelves soon.

New Digidem Upgrade Part!05.03.12
Digidem has just released an upgraded Front Suspension Plate. It is a beautifully machined piece, and it is thick and strong as hell. Plus it looks bad ass with its matte olive drab coloring. Check it out in the upgrades section.

Vote for the MT4 G3 at Big Squid and you could win one!04.02.12
Bigsquidrc.com is having their annual March Bash-ness bracket competition, and the MT4 needs your votes to win! It has made it into the finals (as it deserves to have), but needs your votes! They are also giving away one each of the two trucks in the finals, so check it out and good luck!

Recommended spare parts in the Guide!01.25.12
A lot of people in the Forums are asking about what kind of spares they should get, so I just added a list to the guide. Hope it helps!

ESC Programming section now with content!01.18.12
I've finally received a programming card and played with it, and can speak with some authority on how it works. I wrote up what the card is, how it works, and how you can use it to properly set the ESC to run a 5s battery. Turns out it's really easy to use.
Check it out.

EXCLUSIVE! Digidem Aftermarket Parts!01.06.12
Forum user Digidem has done some incredible work designing and manufacturing some awesome aftermarket parts specifically for the MT4. He is designing parts with extreme bashing in mind. The first parts he has made available are front body posts. Check them out and buy them! They are available in a new Digidem Parts section of the site.

Specs Update01.02.12
Just added the Battery Compartment measurements to the Specs section. If you own a dremel, those values are variable.

Parts section update12.07.11
There was an 'Unexpected Incompatibilities' paragraph in the Parts Compatibility section which didn't make sense to me. Instead I just made it a list of rims that I know will fit the MT4. If you know of anything I missed, please let me know in the forums!

Changed my mind. I think that a Forum dedicated to the Thunder Tiger community would be a good idea, so I set one up here. Figured options would be good.

Added Facebook page for Discussion etc.12.01.11
Just created a Facebook Page for Wondertiger so the community can discuss the truck without creating yet another username for yet another forum. Figured that would be a good way to go. Let me know if you'd prefer an alternative.

New! News section. And more!11.28.11
Added a couple new sections and extended some areas of the site with more info and details. I tried to build in a comments feature but got lazy; maybe I'll add that in later when I have the time.

News: Every once in a while there will surely be some interesting stuff going on with the MT4 community. It'll show up here, along with general site updates.
User's Guide: I added a couple more helpful hints here, check it out!
ESC Programming: Will eventually contain fun exploration with programming the ESC.